Think Humanity is F*CKED? 5 Facts to Make You an Optimist!


Considering the destructive and unconscious actions of many people around the world, it can be easy to fall in to despair. But I always remind myself of the following facts when I get upset and it always fills me up with an infallible optimism, conviction, love, and purpose. I hope it brings you light when things seem dark and uplifts your spirits when the world gets heavy:


1.) We can’t judge the conscious evolution of humanity based on the stagnancy of those who aren’t interested in consciously evolving. These “basic” kinds of people have always existed relative to more conscious, educated, and multifaceted people, and there has always been more of them. Evolution by its very definition means the new development, diversity, and complexity of an existing system, so therefore conscious evolution is always going to be determined by a relatively marginalized minority, as it always has.


So don’t let let fewer numbers be disheartening because…

2.) Evolution is not a democracy; it is an inevitability. Even if those whose calling is to be an evolutionary force in the world are outnumbered, the very nature of evolutionary creativity and transcendence is more powerful and influential than destruction and entropy, as we can see reflected throughout the universe since the universe is expanding, creating, and connecting far more than it is being destroyed. Life, specifically consciousness, is not without purpose. This is evident by the fact that the constant trend throughout all known history is the complexification of matter and consciousness, all becoming increasingly connected through time – galaxies form, life communicates, and it continues to evolve. Humanity is just a more complex expression of that inevitable trend which shows no signs of stopping. If destruction and entropy were the dominant forces at play, we wouldn’t see this constant growth and improvement. Yet here we are.

quote-oh-the-glory-of-growth-silent-mighty-persistent-inevitable-to-awaken-to-open-up-like-emily-carr-102-78-79 copy

3.) Evolution is exponential. Every major milestone in evolution has come about more quickly than the period which preceded it. Compared to the previous 32,000+ years of human history, consciousness has exponentially skyrocketed in the just past few decades. If we extrapolate that acceleration of creativity, communication, and awareness over the next 50 years, we realize that there’s no predicting what providence the future holds. Given the relatively recent explosion of communication and technology, our understanding of the global situation has only really come to the forefront of social consideration in the past few years. Moreover, awareness of the importance of conscious personal growth, independent media, and redefining social relationships is expanding faster than ever before in history.


4.) It helps to consider this period of history as humanity undergoing a birth of consciousness. In every birth, there is destruction and disarray, whether it be the breaking of the egg shell, or the eruption of a baby from the vessel of gestation. There is blood, pain, and a radical stretching beyond our comfort zone, at times to the brink of death. But this is how new life has ALWAYS come in to existence. The shell breaks, the placenta is shed, and the Earth is transformed to facilitate the new consciousness emerging. This is all part of the birthing process, but the global birth of consciousness is greater and more intense than anything we’ve ever experienced before. The omni-present force of universal creation has led us this far, and, as we’ve shown, it’s not without purpose.

egg dali

5.) Pain is a part of life; it can be very useful and even necessary. Basically, people learn through pain and inspiration. While an increasing amount of people who recognize the urgent need for transformation are awakening more so through inspiration, others who cling to the old ways will subsequently and necessarily experience more pain until they realize the necessity for drastic change. As these people are the majority on Earth, much like a drug addict who does not want help, it’s clear that things have to get worse before they can get better. All we can do is transform ourselves to become an ever-better living embodiment of the principles we uphold to be a beacon for the transformation of others. When we allow ourselves to shine, we will attract others who are true friends with whom we can share our journey, which helps to overcome any pain. And when catastrophe happens, after mourning and consolation, consider the bigger picture and remember that humanity is just one step closer to lasting positive transformation.

self work be kind to yourself


So, there it is.

Life isn’t always a comfortable journey, and oftentimes it may not align with what we consider to be fair. Yet there is a greater purpose and wisdom unfolding in which we all play our part. We have a choice as to what we contribute to the world as our legacy and we must not despair. Despite the pain, sadness, and horrors the world has endured in its darkest times, it is precisely because we have witnessed and endured them that we are capable of carrying the knowledge, courage, and love necessary for creating a better world. We are the universal transducers of consciousness creating better tomorrows, and it’s more than a hope- it’s our destiny.


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